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How Self-checkout works?

Are you tired of waiting in long checkout lines at the grocery store? Well, say hello to scan-pay-go technology! Customers can now easily use this technology at checkout lines or service checkouts in brick-and-mortar stores. Simply scan the barcodes of your selected items, add them to your shopping basket, pay using your mobile phone, and voila! You can exit the store without having to wait in long lines at traditional checkout counters. This time-saving technology not only benefits customers who want to shop and purchase items quickly but also businesses that can adapt to labor shortages while still offering a quick and efficient shopping experience.

Wizcart initially started as a basic self-scanning application but has evolved to meet the needs of both merchants and customers. The software now offers a range of features that allow retail formats to fully digitize their customer interactions. With high levels of customer engagement, an intuitive interface on handheld devices, and its suitability for grocery store purchases, Wizcart has become a popular option for customers seeking to streamline their shopping experience.

Wizcart has transformed the shopping experience by enabling customers to quickly and easily complete their purchases. They can scan QR codes, pay for weighed items, and bag them, thereby skipping long lines and simplifying their in-store shopping experience. The use of mobile devices to weigh, bag, pay, and go has made grocery shopping more efficient than ever before. Wizcart also utilizes POS systems to streamline processes and improve the customer experience, considering age restrictions and utilizing Wi-Fi connectivity for added convenience.

Wizcart’s platform includes two primary applications: one for shoppers and another for staff. The shopper application is available in two versions: a universal one for use by smaller retailers and a private white-label version for larger brands. This software makes it easy for shoppers to purchase items, and for staff to manage shopping, customer service, and promotions. The staff application acts as a mediator between shoppers and the store, ensuring a seamless and efficient shopping experience.

The checkout technology provides additional features such as product marketing, order-ahead service, and a highly secure loss-prevention system. These checkout machines are also cost-effective for businesses, as one employee can manage multiple checkout lanes. This results in a faster and more convenient shopping experience for customers who can complete their purchases in a fraction of the time compared to traditional checkout systems. Additionally, the self-checkout machines accept popular payment methods such as debit and credit cards, reducing the long wait times and overcrowding at the bagging area in retail stores.

Say goodbye to long lines and hello to Wizcart!

2. Shop Select
3. Scan Product
4.Add to Cart

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You can choose from a wide range of shops nearby and choose the following options.

  • Self-checkout in the shop
  • Pick up from your favorite shop
  • and deliver to your doorstep

You can scan an item either using a bar code or you can search using the product name or you can also ask the storekeeper to add it for you if you are facing difficulties in adding a product.

Add your favorite products, fast-moving products, and popular products, and avail those discounts from wizcart using our vouchers.

You can pay using your card wallet or even cash and get your bills flashed onto your phone. Let’s save paper and make our environment greener than before.

App for Staff

Wizcart’s platform provides store owners with complete control and visibility over all platform activity, with the ability to monitor it online. The mobile app provides real-time system status updates, access to customer history, and various tools for scan-and-go loss prevention, customer service, and marketing. Employees with hierarchical accounts can only view the information that is relevant to their job responsibilities.

The staff application is highly configurable, allowing store owners to implement loss prevention measures at the checkout counter, offer order-ahead fulfillment, and provide ordering services through customer service kiosks. At the scale station, items are weighed as they are placed in the bags, limiting the ability of customers to enter goods that were not scanned.

By implementing automated checkout options and implementing appropriate safety measures, grocery stores can effectively prevent theft. With real-time system updates and limited access to sensitive information, the employee application ensures that the store operates smoothly and securely.

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