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What does a self-service checkout do?

The retail industry is undergoing a revolution thanks to self-service technologies and self-checkout systems. Grocery stores, which continue to be a challenge, are the most complex and technically tricky retail business for which a mobile self-checkout app is available. The Wizcart software and solution were developed directly from these issues. Customers scan items with a barcode scanner app in brick-and-mortar stores pay online using a mobile device, and check out without having to wait in line or at the cash register. The convenience store’s self-service checkout application makes shopping safer and more practical. There won’t be any checkout lines, you’ll be able to bag items as you shop, you’ll always be able to view your final bill, and you’ll be able to use your phone and shop without touching anything.

Connecting Shops ! Creating Smiles

Our technology is patent-protected, and we were the first company in India to launch self-service checkout mobile apps for retail stores. When you open the shopper app in a compatible grocery store location, you have the option to begin shopping. Customers scan barcodes and look up non-coded items to add to their carts. The app monitors pending purchases and displays a running total and relevant product recommendations. Customers can use their phones to pay and complete their purchases without having to wait or bother the staff. The system is backed up by the loss prevention and customer service capabilities of the staff application. The customer satisfaction path provided by digital scanning has a positive influence on loyalty. When you scan a QR code, smart recommendations appear, frequently for items you’re already looking for and just in time to add to your basket. It might simplify in-store shopping and improve customer experiences.

Our mission, in short, is

  • To make something customer-centric – that improves people’s in-store shopping experience.
  • To lower the cost of shopping for both customers and retailers.
  • To work sustainably and ethically.
  • To engage openly with partners and do what we can to foster cooperation in the retail technology ecosystem and community.
  • To allow retailers to keep pace and take advantage of changing technology.
  • To keep improving and learning with every store experience from customers and retailers!
We save paper for a better greener environment
 Taking offline shopping to a next level

Giving shoppers more significant control throughout their shopping trips allows them to make better use of their time. It has the potential to improve shoppers’ checkout experiences. Time is a valuable commodity we cannot buy and replace. Customers who have questions about a purchase can get instant help through the app or reply to receipt emails – much more straightforward than tweeting the problem or filling out a paper card. Long lines aren’t fun; our solution allows you to spend more time for shopping or living instead. Receipts are easy to store and share because they are organized in the app and copies are emailed after each purcha(and more environmentally friendly).

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