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Benefits of self-checkout

  Use new data and insights about shopper behavior to tailor your offers, increasing redemption rates and making customers happier. Traditional service checkout station designs are being rethought as new technology enables grocery stores to offer faster checkout and nearly frictionless self-checkout.In small businesses, there are many advantages for both shoppers and merchants to using checkout machines and providing the best checkout solutions in the retail industry.

Shoppers Benefits for Grocery Stores

 Save Time

Giving shoppers more control over the length of their trip to the retail store lets them get more time out of their day. Time is something precious that we can’t buy and can never get back.

Track Your Total

Knowing the price of your basket before the checkout process makes keeping to a budget easier and less stressful.

Take Better Advantage of Specials

In the app, specials are much easier to take advantage of than the circular. Get a notification at home when specials change, save the specials you want, and get a reminder about the next time you shop.

 Discover New Favorite Products

Smart recommendations appear when customer scan items, often things you’re already looking for and just in time to add them to your basket.

Get Customer Service Satisfaction

Get instant help through the app or reply to receipt emails with questions about a purchase – easier than tweeting the problem or filling out a paper card.

Never Worry about Receipts

Improving customers over the length of their trip to the convenience store lets them get more time out of their day.

Order Ahead

Why wait to place a delayed order? Why wait for it to be finished? Place orders via the self-checkout app/self-checkout kiosk/website/self-scan supermarket and get a text when they’re ready.

Leave Your Wallet

You don’t need to bring your wallet because the checkout pos system (point of sale) allows you to make payments using your phone for a more convenient experience.

Control The Timing of Your Trip

By controlling the timing of the checkout option you get to control how long a shopping trip takes – you can now fit a new 5-minute trip at the end of your lunch break without worrying about getting stuck.

Infuence the Platform

Through the app feedback and input methods, you can guide the development of future features.

Shop Without Interacting

Those who aren’t in the mood to talk can pick up the necessities without being interrupted.

Know What You're Buying

COMING SOON: Access nutritional, allergen, and other information about the products you scan.

Less Merchandise Handling

The classic checkout unit involves a lot of handling: from the shelf to the basket, from the basket to the belt, from the belt to the scanner, and from the scanner to the bag. With mobile self-scanning it’s
shelf  bag  done.

Merchant Benefits for Grocery Stores

Save Staff Time

Reallocate cashier time from mechanical scanning and bagging to more human-worthy tasks like customer service.

Reduce Labor Costs

The most effective checkout technology is mobile self-scanning, which requires less manpower and has lower operational costs than service kiosks or check stands.

  Save Space

One mobile self-scanning lane can handle 10 times the customers, freeing valuable front-end floor space for merchandising.

Increase Baskets

Making shopping quicker and easier results in shoppers buying more – who would have thought it happens in real time?

 Recommend Higher Margin Products

Target recommendations by basket contents to help shoppers discover new favorites, for example, recommend store-brand salsa when chips are scanned.

Never Get Stuck in Line

Waiting in long lines isn’t fun; save that time for more shopping and leave the store.

Sell in New Ways

Increasing the ways you can sell with mobile self-scanning, ordering ahead, and eCommerce increases profits.

Improve Marketing and Redemption Rates

Use new data and insights about shopper behavior to tailor your offers, increasing redemption rates and making customers happier.

Connect With Your Customer

By getting your app on your customer’s phone you create a deeper connection, with more information and 2-way 24/7 access to grow your business over the long term.

Get Customers Out of Line at the Deli

With counter service options checkout systems customers don’t need to wait to place or receive orders at the delay, meat counter, seafood bar, etc – freeing them up to shop more

Measure the Customer Experience

At the end of a purchase, customers rate their checkout experience with 5 stars, providing you with a numerical tool to evaluate store performance.

Reach Shoppers at their Point of Decision

Communicate with shoppers in the aisle using knowledge of their shopping history, the products in their shopping cart, and the product in their hands! Reach shoppers with timely information when they’re most ready to act on it.

Provide Better Customer Service

With shopper feedback from the app, you can efficiently gather and respond to customers’ requests while also accessing relevant product information about their specific shopping trip – improving the store while also making customers satisfied.

Keep Complaints Of of Twitter & Facebook

Shoppers who don’t have an outlet post their complaints publicly – give your shoppers an easier way to get in touch with you and deal with complaints one to one.

Identify and Stop Shoplifters / Sweethearters

Using the scan-and-go loss prevention system checkpoint dishonest customers and store personnel can be efficiently weeded out from the system – and, if you choose, from the store as a whole.

Keep Existing Back Office Workflows

Manage prices and transaction records in the same software you do now, the FutureProof Platform does not disturb your existing back office processes.

Earn Customer Loyalty

Offer your customers the value of time and let them reward you with your loyalty – you no longer need to buy their loyalty with discounts or points.

 Diferentiate From the Competition

Associate your brand with the latest and greatest in mobile device shopping and demonstrate your commitment to the customer experience and leadership in the market.

Reduce Merchandise Handling

Reduce Merchandise Handling.

  Clean Up Your Data

Got mislabelled or priced SKUs? The FutureProof platform identifies them for you to fix and eases the burden on all cashiers to make manual adjustments. 

Save All Customers Time (not just app users)

Implements self-checkout in the grocery stores, customers out of line benefit everyone else, too

Compete with Online

Increase the convenience of the in-person shopping experience to win back customers who’ve gone online. (Or offer eCommerce yourself).

Attract Time Conscious Consumers

Time can be truly invaluable – develop a reputation for saving customers time and become the clear choice for customers with more money than time.

FutureProof Your Store

Grow long-term value with every shopper installed, on a platform you control and can expand over the long term.

Grow Baskets with Manufacturer's Coupons

COMING SOON – automatically recommended manufacturer’s coupons make happy customers and bigger baskets.

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